BOWLing Strike Ten: Pulled Pork Bowl with Coleslaw and Gherkin Slices


"Hey folks, I'm making a pulled pork bowl: I'm going to start now - it'll be ready tomorrow evening. That's something to look forward to!

Homer J. Simpson (Yes, that Homer) once said: "You'll never make friends with salad!" This salad will prove him wrong. You'll make a great many friends in fact. This pulled pork bowl will drive people wild with envy. But there's plenty for everyone.

Great! (Almost) all you need is a good piece of pork and a bit of patience (OK: But the results are going to be REALLY good.

With home made coleslaw and rice and a few other ingredients, even the obligatory vegetables become an absolutely indispensable part of the flavour. It just gets better and better! (What did you expect?)


For 4 people

Time: approx. 160 minutes / Pulled Pork: about 23 Stunden

For 1 kg of pulled pork
2 kg neck or shoulder of pork
3 tbs salt
3 tbs brown sugar
2 tbs caraway seeds
2 tbs rosemary
1 tbs mustard seeds
1 tbs paprika powder
1 tbs garlic powder
1 tbs onion powder
1 tbs curry
1 tbs cayenne pepper
½ jar Hengstenberg 1876 Mild or Hot Mustard
500 ml mild balsamic cider vinegar
500 ml vegetable stock (1:1 ratio with the vinegar)
1 white cabbage
500 g basmati rice
4 spring onions
2 bunches coriander
200 ml herb vinegar
160 g sugar
20 g salt
40 ml sesame oil
1 green bell pepper
1 jar Hengstenberg 1876 Spicy Burger Chips
50 g dark sesame
Hengstenberg 1876 Smoked BBQ Sauce
Freshly ground pepper

Your equipment
Kettle barbecue (We made this pulled pork on the kettle barbecue)
A heat-proof pot
Optional: Wood chips


Step 1: Get everything ready – pulled pork takes a while

For the dry rub you will need a pan in which you can mix all the dry spices and then toast them for 2 minutes. The spices should still look like spices when you're done, so don't let them burn!

Take the pork, wash it and pat it dry. Cut away the silver skin and the white fat. Then you can get your hands messy! Rub in a generous amount of mustard. We recommend using Hengstenberg 1876 Mild Mustard. You want it hotter? You can have it hotter: Simply use Hengstenberg 1876 Hot Mustard instead. Then roll the pork in the dry rub and thoroughly massage the rub into the meat. (It is best to wear gloves, as otherwise the whole thing will become a fragrant men's hand cream, including spice peeling.)

Then wrap the marinated pork in cling film and let it rest in the fridge for 12 hours for a gigantic explosion of flavour. That's a promise!

Step 2: Cooking time: Now you slowly (really sloooowly) grill the pork.

12 HOURS LATER. Finally! About time too! Now you can cook the meat. Place a briquette ring on the edge of the charcoal rack on your grill. Place two briquettes side-by-side and place another on top. There should be no gaps between the briquettes. They must touch, otherwise, the heat will not pass from briquette to briquette and your grill will go out. Continue until the ring is almost complete. What's the reason for leaving the ring open? You need to leave a gap of about a hand's width so that the briquettes only burn in one direction. Put the moistened wood chips (if you are using them) on the first quarter of your ring. Next, light the briquettes. You need a temperature of 110° C (indirect heat).

Place the fire-proof pot in the middle of your grill (in other words in the middle of the ring). Pour in the stock and vinegar. Place the pork joint on top of the rack.
Allow the meat to cook slowly for between 11 and 13 hours until the core temperature has reached 92° C. Naturally, you should check this with a thermometer.

Schritt 3: BOWLing Basics

Arm yourself with a sharp kitchen knife. Slice the white cabbage thinly. Remove the stalk and seeds from the bell pepper. You can now cut it into small cubes Clean the spring onions and cut them into small rings. Wash the coriander and chop it up finely too.

Step 4: The coleslaw (100% home made)

Take a saucepan in which you can bring the sugar, salt and herb vinegar to a boil - and then do just that. Keep stirring until you can no longer see the grains of sugar and salt. Things will get hot. Once the ingredients are melted, allow the liquid to cool. Once it has reached room temperature, add the sesame oil.

Now mix the white cabbage with the cubed bell pepper in the cooled vinegar mixture. Season the salad with pepper to taste and sprinkle a handful of sesame seeds over the top. Cover the bowl and place the whole thing in the fridge for 2 hours. This will really get the flavours to combine.

Step 5: Pull your pork!

FINALLY! The pork is ready - STOP. Let the pork rest for 30 minutes, preferably in aluminium foil. It is now ready to pull. Take two forks and simply start to pull the joint apart.

Step 6: Rice, rice baby!

Cook the rice according to the instructions. Throw a handful of sesame over the top and mix the sesame rice thoroughly.

Step 7: Back to the coleslaw!

Having waited patiently for 2 hours, you can now press the salad out. The liquid can be thrown away. Follow the same procedure with the Hengstenberg 1876 Spicy Burger Chips – let them drain off.

Serve the pulled pork with rice, your home-made coleslaw and the burger chips in a bowl. Place all the ingredients side-by-side in the bowls.


Step 8: Nearly done; all you need to do now is ......

... top the bowl with coriander, spring onions, sesame and BBQ sauce. You can now start BOWLing (and about time too!)

Well done! Now you know how to become the unchallenged BOWLing king pin. And now it's your turn!



Looking for MORE, MORE, MORE? You'll get it!