Hawauwau: Hot Dogs "Hawaiian Style" – Aloha!

Who let the dogs out? You! These fruity, Hawaiian-style doggies with jalapeño rings are really on fire! Aloha.

Have we reminded you of a long-forgotten earworm from the year 2000? We have? You must admit, it's a fairly obvious track choice when it comes to hot dogs. Particularly these fruity "Hawaiian style" summer hot dogs. We just had to do it, honestly! After all, just like this hit song, hot dogs deserve a regular remix.

This time we're going to combine the hot dogs with pineapple, coriander and a healthy portion of Hengstenberg 1876 Jalapeño Rings. To ensure that this becomes your new BBQ summer hit, we're going to show you what to do.

Ingredients: For 4 people

Time: 25 minutes

For the hot dogs
¼ pineapple
4 hot dog sausages
4 hot dog buns
Hengstenberg 1876 Jalapeño Rings
Cayenne pepper (to taste)
Grape seed oil
Red onion rings
Fresh coriander

For the teriyaki mayonnaise
70 g mayonnaise
4 tbs teriyaki sauce
1 tbs lime juice
1 pinch salt

Your equipment:
Charcoal or gas grill
A close meshed grill rack or grill pan (for the pineapple)


Step 1: Get everything ready

The first official duty of the genuine king of the grill is to turn on the grill. First you need powerful, direct heat. Peel the pineapple and cut it into 0.5 cm cubes. Always oil the grilling rack when placing fruit directly on it.

Step 2: Prepare the fruit

Bathe the pineapple cubes in grape seed oil. Then grill them for 2 minutes at a high heat. If you like things a little hotter, then put plenty of cayenne pepper on top after that (be daring). If you don't have a suitable, close meshed grill rack, use a grill pan.

Step 3: Cook the dogs

Reduce the heat on your grill a little or place your grilling rack on the middle rung. Grill the sausages for 7 to 10 minutes. Be careful! Hot dog sausages will withstand less heat than barbecue sausages (so you need to turn them often).

Step 4: Mix the sauce

For the teriyaki mayonnaise, mix the mayonnaise, teriyaki sauce, lime juice and a pinch of salt.

Step 5: Toast the foundations

Cut open the bun and toast it on the grill for about a minute. You can vary the time, depending on how brown you want it.

Step 6: Nearly ready. All you need to do now is ... …

... build your hot dog. Place the sausage and pineapple in the bun, put mayonnaise or mustard over it and top with red onions, coriander and Hengstenberg 1876 Jalapeño rings. Yummy!

Well done, now you know how to make these "Hawaiian style" hot dogs. And now it's your turn!


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