Who wants perfectly prepared pineapple? Grilled salmon with pineapple in mustard teriyaki sauce.

Ingredients: For 4 people

Time: approx. 45 minutes

4 salmon fillets (150 g each)
2 pineapples (whole)
120 ml soy sauce
120 ml rice wine (sake or mirin)
8 tbs brown sugar
2 tsp Hengstenberg 1876 Whole Grain Mustard

Your equipment
Gas or charcoal grill
Some kitchen string
Marinade brush


You're going to learn how to prepare the perfect pineapple dish Japanese-South American style with whole grain mustard

Today we're serving salmon. You can now slap the fish on the grill just like that ... and all will be well. Alternatively, you can bring a little va-va-voom to your barbecue. Grill your salmon Japanese-South American style with teriyaki sauce and pineapple. Sounds like a great combination, doesn't it? But there's an even crazier twist: make your own teriyaki sauce from soy sauce, rice wine, sugar (so far, so typically Japanese) and coarse mustard. This recipe will show you how. And if you also want to pick your own pineapple right now, you'll find a video here. (We have no idea if this works - we just bought a couple of pineapples in the supermarket for this recipe.)

Step 1: Get everything ready

Grab the two pineapples and cut them lengthwise into four equal pieces. You now have 8 pineapple pieces. Remove the core but keep the skin on.
Next comes the fresh salmon: rinse it briefly with cold water and gently pat it dry with paper towels.
Prepare your grill for direct and indirect heat (180–200° C). If you have a charcoal grill, separate the glowing coals to create a zone in the middle where the food is not directly above the coals.

Step 2: Cook the teriyaki sauce

Take a saucepan and pour in the soy sauce and rice wine. Now add the brown sugar. Now you boil your mixture very briefly (IT MUST BUBBLE!), turn the heat down again and let the liquid simmer for about 10 minutes. Stir occasionally. When the sauce is creamy, stir in the Hengstenberg 1876 Whole Grain Mustard. Now take the saucepan off the hob. (Unless you want to check if your smoke alarm is working)

Step 3: Prepare the salmon with pineapple

Place 4 pineapple pieces side-by-side and put a salmon fillet on each of them. Then brush the salmon with the mustard teriyaki sauce. Keep a little of the sauce back. Although you might think that's enough, we're going one step further (it gets better): the lids - another 4 pineapple pieces that will cover each salmon fillet.

Step 4: Wrap your fish!

Time to get handy! Take the kitchen string and tie up your salmon and pineapple parcels.

Step 5: Place the salmon on the grill (it will cook well there)

Is your grill hot enough? Then there's no going back! Now place the salmon and pineapple parcels in the direct heat (they can take it), put the lid on and let the barbecue work its magic for about 10 minutes. After that you should initiate a turning manoeuvre, cook your salmon and pineapple parcels from the other side (for about 15 minutes) on indirect heat and then take them off the grill.


Step 6: Nearly ready. All you need to do now is ...

... take off the kitchen string, remove the skin from the pineapple, brush the salmon with the remaining sauce and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Now it's time to deliver the parcels to your guests.

Well done! You now know how to prepare salmon grilled on pineapple with mustard teriyaki sauce. And now it's your turn!


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