Spice Grills: Grilled Pigs in Blankets with Rustic Bread

For 4 people

Time: 25 Minuten

4 slices of rustic bread
1 clove of garlic
1 spring onion
Hengstenberg 1876 Spicy Burger Chips
8 slices of bacon
4 uncooked barbecue sausages (e.g. salsiccia)
1 tbs Hengstenberg 1876 Hot Mustard

Your equipment:
Charcoal or gas grill


This is a truly spicy barbecue sausage: but with spicy gherkin slices and hot mustardmit würzigen Gurkenscheiben und scharfem Senf

Grilled sausages? Yes please!! But can you make it a little bit different? Challenge accepted. We've come up with a recipe that does not require much more skill from you than the ability to grill sausages. However, the result is much more than just "grilled sausages" The recipe also includes vegetables. Now, you might say that's just paying lip service to a healthy diet, but you'd be wrong: the vegetable element adds to the flavour because the sausages are supposed to be spicy. And that's exactly why we need onions, garlic and Hengstenberg 1876 Spicy Burger Chips (Yes, there's burger in the name, but they do not necessarily have to go onto a burger). And for even more "spice in your life" we added a little bit of Hengstenberg 1876 Hot Mustard. The signs are that this is going to be a hot summer.

Step 1: Get everything ready

Light the grill first, as if you were grilling sausage as normal (we shouldn't have to explain how to do that). You won't have any more cooking to do today (YAY - the kitchen will stay cool!). Peel the garlic clove. Find a sharp knife and cut it down the middle. The surface of the garlic should now be as large as possible. Clean the spring onion and quarter it lengthwise.

Step 2: Get the bread ready!

Rub both sides of the slices of bread with the garlic (a little more, then more, then more again. That's just about enough!) Your guests will share the same fate - and won't notice your garlic breath (as long as you can all still smell, all is right with the world). Place the bread on the grill for 3 to 4 minutes so that it is crispy on both sides. Important: Don't forget to take it off the grill again or it will get too crispy, in other words black.

Step 3: Don't forget the blanket!

Place two slices of bacon side-by side so that they overlap. Take a quarter of a spring onion (the one that looks a bit like a baby leak) and the sausage. Wrap the bacon around the sausage and spring onion. You don't need a skewer. Place the snugly wrapped piggies on the grill for 8 minutes. Be careful! The grill shouldn't be too hot, as otherwise the bacon on the outside will be too crispy, while the sausage on the inside will still be raw. Turn the sausages on the grill, a bit like a grilled chicken, but on a horizontal plane.

Step 4: All together now!

Smother the crispy toasted bread with hot mustard. Still not hot enough? Then add a little more. Place a few Spicy Burger Chips on the mustard, taking care that they don't fall off. Then, crown it all with the sausage wrapped in bacon and spring onions direct from the grill.

Step 5: Nearly ready. All you need to do now is ...

... close the sandwich. The result looks a bit like a hot dog - just with bread instead of a bun.
Fire up the barbecue! Now you know how to prepare pigs in blankets on rustic bread


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