The products: Sauces, toppings and mustards

Genuinely intense flavours – products from Hengstenberg 1876 are the perfect choice for connoisseurs like you

Real connoisseurs like you want genuinely great flavours in all their original intensity. That's exactly what Hengstenberg 1876 is all about. These are the products you want simply because they taste better - and because you can use them to prepare mighty tasty meals. Sauces, dips, toppings and speciality mustards from Hengstenberg 1876 do more than add a touch of variety to your food: you’ll transform your steak into the best steak of all time, make a name for yourself as a legendary burger builder and bask in adulation as they all cry for “MORE, MORE, MORE”. Time and time again.

Hengstenberg 1876 is the best flavour upgrade ever. The perfect partner for meat, fish and vegetarian options, BBQ or raclette, burgers, sandwiches or hot dogs.

Genuine flavour is always in season, thanks to products from Hengstenberg 1876 (and that's exactly what you want!)